Fear the Dark Unknown

Fear the Dark Unknown

~ The Game ~

In a split second your life can change. Feel the fear of the unknown in Fear the Dark Unknown, the video game

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Fear the Dark Unknown Synopsis

It's said that our worst fears always come from the inside. But... what if it was not like that? What if there was a much bigger aversion than the one we're able to conceive? And what if this fear was much closer than we believe? Fear the Dark Unknown.

James Sullivan and his daughter Chloe felt this fear so closely that they could never be the same anymore. What could have happened to them that they saw their life of happiness become the worst of their nightmares?


The Beresford mansion was built at the beginning of the 19th century by the young entrepreneur and businessman Robert Beresford. It's built on a cliff at a few kilometers from Barrow town. What is so special about that mansion?

Fear the Dark Unknown Synopsis, about the Beresford family

The rumors about the Beresford family and their mansion have been constant since the death of the young Matilda. She was the fourth of the five Beresford couple's daughters. The villagers used to tell stories about her death. The misfortunes that family suffered over the following years reinforced the idea that a curse hung over the mansion.

With her sister's death, the little girl Victoria underwent an extreme change. Everybody who knew her noticed that cheerful and lively girl had vanished. Some villagers stated that the girl knew more about her sister's death than she used to say.


~ James Sullivan ~

Fear the Dark Unknown James Sullivan Character

The blood stains were still dry among the move unopened boxes. James went straight to Chloe's computer in search for some hints. He needed to locate her whereabouts before the police found her.

His daughter was under arrest warrant accused of murdering her roommate! It was impossible. James couldn't believe it. There should be an explanation for all that

What did those hundreds of pages about an old mansion called Beresford mean? His daughter had been investigating about that place and its inhabitants. It was something about an ancient curse. Did all that make sense? James did know where he should be driven to.

~ Chloe Sullivan ~

Fear the Dark Unknown Chloe Sullivan Character

Chloe opened the move boxes with passion. In a few weeks she would start her studies at the university and she was living that moment in thrill. It was her first apartment. It was her first time living far from home. A voicemail interrupted that moment.

"Chloe, I need to talk to you. I can't... I don't want to keep hiding the truth about how your mother really died. Come and see me on this address. Only there you can understand everything"

What did her father mean by that? He wouldn't pick the mobile phone. The address showed a historic mansion that was more than two hundred years old. The Beresford mansion. Why was her father in such a hurry to go there? Chloe had only one way to find it out.

~ Victoria Beresford ~

Fear the Dark Unknown Victoria Beresford Character

What is such a little girl doing in such a huge house? The little Victoria is playing at home as if nothing has happened. She goes up and down the house as she has always done.

Is it the behavior of a normal child? How long has she been alone? Can you trust her?

The only way to understand the true horror that happened to the Sullivan family is by finding out what happened to the little Victoria.

~ The Dark Unknown ~

Fear the Dark Unknown Dark Unknown Character

No one knows for sure what their origins are nor for how long they've been among us, but it's supposed that the Sullivan family is just one more in the long list that knew the true horror of the unknown.

Who is this Dark Unknown? Where does he come from?

No one knows anything about him, because knowing him means opening a door to a world where our knowledge and sanity twist into unforeseeable limits. Who goes through this door will never come back.


Two totally different adventures

Two totally different adventures

If you think you've finished the game, it's just the beginning. Live a new adventure with James or Chloe Sullivan to entirely understand their tragedy.

Interact with all the objects

Interact with all the objects

Comb over all the rooms. You'll never know where you can find the object that will give you the key to keep on with your adventure.

Read all the documents

Read all the documents

Get to know the Beresford mansion and all its inhabitants throughout its two hundred years of existence. Checking out all its secrets means knowing yourself.

Arm yourself as soon as possible

Arm yourself as soon as possible

You'll never walk alone. You can run into some dangers in any corner and you should defend yourself. Choose one out of your four weapons and don't waste even a single bullet.

Run away

Run away

Fight is not always the solution. You can run out of ammunition. Maybe it's better to run away from this unbeatable enemy or find another way to finish him off.

Solve dozens of puzzles

Solve dozens of puzzles

Try out your intelligence with the assorted puzzles you'll find in the Beresford mansion. But be careful! It's possible that you aren't safe with them at all.




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